You can journey through a giant human body. You can see, feel and hear how the human body works.
CORPUS, a museum in the Netherlands, is a 35-meter high transparent building in human form. The building, at Oegstgeest 35 kilometres southeast of Amsterdam was opened in 2008. Visitors walk through the figure and view the entire body through organ theatres, such as the beating heart, the sneezing nose and the brain.
Corpus is the dream of businessman Henri Remmers and is designed to educate visitors about all aspects of human health in a manner appropriate for children.
The steel framework has been tailor made around the emergency stairs in the torso of the body and has stabilising rings at each level. It's construction was completed in March 2008.
Photo by Pedro
CORPUS Museum website.

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Anonymous said...

has anyone been inside this amazing structure? Please let us know if you have...what was it like? Was it as good as it looks?


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