300 years old but keeps perfect time - observatory in India

A piano shaped house - China

A unique home - The Elrod House by John Lautner

Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan - Buddhist monastries

Building in Human Form - museum in Netherlands

Frank Lloyd Wright's children's playroom - Oak Park, Illinois

Giant tower of steamed buns - China
Just another treehouse hotel - Stockholm
Living in the trees in Hawaii
Modern Mumbai - The Capital building
Sandcastle creations 
The Taj - Agra, India
Underground Motel - Australia
Winslow House in River Forest, Illinois by Frank Lloyd Wright


All sharks great and small

Buzzards' Roost - Tennessee, USA

Festival of Liars - France

Flamingos in the wild

Goblin Valley - Utah, USA

International Ice and Snow Festival - Harbin, China

Last stronghold of the Incas - Machu Picchu,Andes

Longmen Grottoes - Yi River, Henan Provence, China

The great annual migration - Kenya

Town of books - Haye on Wye, England

Vivid Colour and Movement - Sydney, Australia

Where in the world is this?

Wife Carrying World Championships - Sonkajarvi, Finland

Wild Food Festival - Hokita, New Zealand

Pink Nebula - outer space

World from space 

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