Diploma of Elf Studies

In the land of the Faerie King.The Icelandic Elf School (Álfaskólinn) teaches about the elves and hidden people that inhabit the country of Iceland. The school is located in Reykjavík, the capitol and largest city of Iceland.
Magnus H. Skarphedinsson, the headmaster, has devoted 23 years to the hidden world. He has also helped 4,000 students complete their diploma in Elf Studies.
The government public works department in Iceland employs a full time folklore expert to determine the impact of construction projects on the hidden communities.
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girl talk said...

Magnus H. Skarphedinsson believes there are 13 types of elves, 3 types of hidden people and fairies, trolls and gnomes that all live in Iceland even though he personally has not seen them

Anonymous said...

I know this is wonderful but I find it very hard to believe that they really beieve


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