Chinese Goddess creates mankind and repairs Wall of Heaven!

Nüwa  女媧, the mother, the sister, the repairer, emperor, wife, man and creator - all in all one fine Goddess. She is praised in many songs and stories from far back in the Han Dynasty 206 BCE – 220 CE -  the second imperial dynasty of China.

The Repairer - this is her earliest role - the upkeep and maintenance of the Wall of Heaven.  This was a pretty serious job because if the wall collapsed everything would be annihilated.

The Goddess - the Miao, considered one of the first people to settle in China revere Nüwa as the divine goddess.

Snake Goddess -  considered the daughter of the Jade Emperor Nüwa is also regularly called the Snake Goddess.

The Creator - She was all that existed, she was lonely and began to create animals and on the seventh day she created man by moulding yellow clay. Read more here.

This is only a small part of what Nüwa acheived but she never boasted or expected acclaim even when transporting ghosts to heaven or killing the black dragon or stopping the flood or melting the 5 coloured rocks. What a wonderful Goddess.

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