Just another treehouse hotel or a hotel in an oak tree

If being a one person hotel is not weird enough, try smallest hotel in the world...okay how about it was designed as a piece of installation art.
"The guest becomes something of an actor in a strange role play," says the creator artist Mikael Genberg.
Hotell Hackspett, which means Woodpecker Hotel, opened in 1998 in an oak tree in Vasa park, in Vasteras, near Stockholm. It is 13 metres above the ground in the largest oak tree in one of the city parks. it is also eco friendly as not one single nail has been used to anchor the hotel to the tree; instead it is suspended from wires that do not damage the tree.
See some of Mikael's other weird and wonderful creations including Otter Inn and Cafe Koala.
Visit Vasteras where today it is minus 5 degrees.
See other tree house hotels around the world.

1 comment:

Nicky said...

WOw! It's like the kids dream treehouse. I personally went on a tree house holiday- best ever, I think they will become a popular thing.


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