Vivid Colour and Movement

The Rocks in Sydney on 2nd June 2011

The Vivid festival sadly finishes tonight and we must say goodbye, for another year, to the lights that have lit up the city of Sydney in amazing ways. Australia's major international lighting festival had
over 40 brilliant light installations in a free outdoor exhibition where children and adults were encouraged to climb on interactive sculptures such as the giant laser pencil which drew on a wall and the Moore Park stairs where you created your own rainbow by playing hopscotch up and down.
Vivid made Sydney seem extra special for a little while, in the middle of winter, and brought thousands of people to the city at night that would normally be staying at home.
Thank you Vivid.

Interactive painting on MCA exterior interprets your body movements to create colourful splashes and drips made by you. Interactive Paint Projection by Spinifex Group.

Positive Attracts by Edwin Cheong

Life size statues of rainbow light have Infra Red sensors to detect when you are in close range and trigger their LED lighting effect.

The Vivid Light, Music and Ideas Festival for 2013 is 24th May to 10th June.

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